Britain could be ready to deploy a Covid-19 vaccine by December

The NHS was instructed to prepare for the possible deployment of a Covid-19 vaccine at the start of December, Health Secretary Matt Hancock told Sky News.

“I’ve asked the NHS – who are supported by the armed services in this, but the NHS are very much leading this effort for deploying the vaccine – I’ve asked them to be ready from the start of December,” the secretary said.

He said the hopeful stand-by order comes with all the caveats, since the formula is yet to be fully tested and licensed, but the country should be ready to roll it out, if those hurdles are overcome quickly.

Speaking later with the BBC, Hancock said the vaccine was meant for adults, and not children and that vaccination will start with elderly people and go down the age groups.

The British government has no plans to make vaccination mandatory or to prioritize ethnic minorities, according to the secretary.

Earlier a report by Pfizer and BioNTech said their Covid-19 vaccine had proven to be 90 percent effective during clinical trials.

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