Dynamite: BTS and the tradition of Tiger Woods inspires first-time major winner Kim Sei-Young

The appealing tones of “Dynamite” by her compatriots and extremely young boy band BTS offered an inspiring tune for Kim as she controlled the Women’s PGA Championship, ultimately protecting the initially major win of her profession by 5 shots.

For somebody who had actually formerly had a track record for being really effective on the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour without a major success, concentrating on her frame of mind and utilizing music to impact her state of mind was very important to Kim in lastly protecting that evasivemajor

“I think motivation is critical to athletes,” Kim informed CNNSport “If you don’t have that motivation, you won’t have the will and the thought to go forward, so I think motivation is really important.

” I normally listen to a lot of psychological music and see amusing videos, however throughout the competition I listened and viewed things that would encourage me.

“I’ve always had regrets [about] my mentality [during tournaments], so this time I watched videos of how world leaders control their mind and overcome certain situations, which I was able to empathize with in nervous and competitive situations.”

Kim poses with the trophy after winning the 2020 Women's PGA Championship.

Righting history

Since signing up with the LPGA Tour in 2013, Kim rapidly made a track record for being one of the more effective gamers. Her success at the Women’s PGA Championship in October was the 53rd time that Kim has actually completed in the leading 10. It was likewise her 11th profession win.

A subsequent LPGA success in her next competition at the Pelican Women’s Championship offered Kim her 12th profession title.

Prior to PGA success, the 27-year-old’s credibility as one of females’s golf’s more effective gamers without a major success had actually munched at her.

“Yes, I was aware,” she exposed. “Other wins are valuable as well, but I longed for a major, since I didn’t have one. It’s so valuable to have won the KPMG. It feels like I’ve completed the unfinished puzzle.”

In reality, the very first time Kim came close to winning her launching major at the Women’s PGA Championship in 2015 bore a lot of resemblances to her success inPhiladelphia

In 2015, Kim remained in the last group with the ultimate winner, Inbee Park, completing 5 shots behind her compatriot. This year, Kim completed 5 shots ahead of the second-placed Park who was coupled with her in the last group.

Back in 2015, Park was currently a five-time major champ, a track record that left Kim “scared” of having fun with her. But 5 years on and with numerous hours of experience on the course, she had the ability to get rid ofthe “legend” Park

“At that time, I was a rookie and Inbee was about my current age,” Kim keeps in mind. “Back then, I was full of passion to challenge and win somehow, but this time, I think my proficiency and competence was the reason I was able to win rather than that kind of passion.

“I’m in a various position now compared to then. I have the experience of contending in the LPGA for 6 years, so now I can develop intend on what I need to do, instead of simply delving into it like I utilized to.”

Inbee Park (second left) and her caddie walk down the fairway with  Kim (right) and her caddie during the final round of the 2015 Women's PGA Championship.

‘Go simple’

Whereas formerly she may’ve attempted too difficult and been too stiff at majors, unwinding and playing her natural video game at the Women’s PGA Championship this year was crucial to Kim’s success.

“What I did in a different way is, I utilized to play difficult in other major competitions as they are at a high level, however this time I chose to go easy regardless of the challenging course. To calm down. I really didn’t ask my caddie for info I might’ve requested and played just knowing of the range.

“I got familiar with the course during the practice round, but I didn’t get my caddie’s information on where to hit the ball — the tactics I would say — which are usually specific like: ‘It’s this far from the green, this many meters until the middle point and the pin.’ But this time he only told me the distance to the pin and I just played, not minding other information.”

That familiarity worked marvels for the South Korean, as she shot a record-equalling last round of 63 having actually begun the last day 2 shots ahead of previous major champsAnna Nordqvist and Brooke Henderson

Kim shot 7 birdies– 4 in 5 holes on the back 9– to both tie the least expensive round in the competition’s history and likewise set a champion scoring record of 266.

In an effort to channel the completing capability of 15-major winner Tiger Woods, Kim likewise embraced the tradition of using red clothes for the last round of majors in intermediate school.

And after playing well in those red pants– she states: “Tiger Woods wore red t-shirts, so I wanted to copy him, but red trousers worked better than a red t-shirt!”– she thinks it has actually become her “trademark.”

“Red trouser is a good jinx for me. When I wear this, I play well, and it worked well. So, now people call it my trademark. It feels like I’ve become a character!

” I consistently won when I used red pants, so the self-confidence kept increasing. Isn’t it remarkable?”

Kim chips onto the seventh green during the final round of the 2020 Women's PGA Championship.

Looking ahead

After speaking to her family shortly after her debut major victory on that memorable Sunday, Kim didn’t have long to wait before she was back on the plane to South Korea.

She says the 14-hour flight ” felt so brief, like 3 to 4 hours. I was having my own psychological celebration throughout the flight,” she said.

Kim’s PGA victory also demonstrated the strength of the LPGA — nine of the last 10 major champions had never won one before.

And with nine out of the top 10 players in women’s golf below the age of 28 — the only one older being Inbee Park — Kim believes the recent competitiveness shows the health of women’s golf and how its popularity and professionalism is growing.

“Currently, the age of the gamers contending in the LPGA has actually gotten a lot more youthful … Lifting weights was not a requirement previously, today it’s really organized, and I believe the gamers are investing more time at the golf field than previously.

Kim celebrates after winning the LPGA Pelican Women's Championship.

“During practice, I felt that all players have increased their practice time in average. I don’t think the women players used to practice that much before, but in the recent few years I could feel the players have been significantly increasing their practice time.”

Already the worldNo 2, Kim now has the leading area in her sights.

“I’d like to win the rest four majors and achieve a Grand Slam. I’m ranking second now, but I want to become the first. Long-term, I hope to make it to the Hall of Fame — I think that’s my career goal as a golfer.”

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