Embracing the future or risking voter fraud? In 2024, Russia could vote for its president using the internet, top official reveals

Electronic ballot will be presented even more throughout Russia next year, with parliamentary elections browsing the web in a variety of areas. By 2024, it’s possible that the next governmental election will be carried out on the web.

That’s according to Ella Pamfilova, the chairwoman of Russia’s Central Election Commission, the body accountable for carrying out and supervising how the nation votes.

Speaking to press reporters on Wednesday, Pamfilova exposed that internet ballot would be utilized in the 2021 State Duma elections in between 5 to 7 areas. It was initially prepared to be utilized in around 20, however this was decreased due to “a number of factors.”

If all goes to strategy, the next governmental election could be carried out online throughout the entire nation.

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Speaking to Moscow everyday Vedomosti, political professional Konstantin Kalachev kept in mind that ballot over the internet would make it harder to show an election had actually been rigged.

“It is impossible to prove manipulation of the result,” he stated. “But it’s also hard to prove the opposite.”

Kalachev likewise kept in mind that it is important to keep the trust of older citizens, who might not comprehend online elections.

In Russia, electronic ballot was initially utilized in the 2019 elections in Moscow andNizhny Novgorod It was utilized once again this year in 2 parliamentary by-elections, in the areas of Kursk and Yaroslavl.

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In May, a study carried out by pollster WCIOM exposed that majority of the participants (69 percent) would vote in-person if provided an option.

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