Ex-Russia captain cops 100-hour service order for referee attack as lawyer reveals plan to auction trainers from crime for charity — NY Pilot Sport News

The trial over a vicious attack on a referee by Roman Shirokov, who was stated to have actually pleaded near-poverty as part of the hearing, has actually ended with a deal to auction the trainers the ex-Russia captain used throughout the run-in.

Shirokov had actually been dealing with limited flexibility for nearly 2 years after his violent attack on referee Nikita Danchenkov in August, when the two-time Russian Premier League winner punched the authorities prior to kicking him in the head as he lay on the flooring.

Danchenkov was hospitalized, later on submitting a preliminary claim of 500,000 rubles ($ 6,740) that has actually led to a penalty of 100 hours’ mandatory work and a 100,000-ruble ($ 1,348) sanction for the disgraced previous global.

“Shirokov presented documents that he had begun to work for 50,000 rubles [$674] a month,” a lawyer for Danchenkov, Alexander Dobrovinsky, was priced quote as stating by Sport24.

“Given that his family, he claims, is eight people with him, he is on the verge of poverty.

“At the very same time, he has the most significant estate in the Istra district, numerous foreign cars and trucks and so on. Therefore, the court will choose what interim procedures to take.”

Another representative for Danchenkov, Alexander Ostrovsky, was said to have claimed that Shirokov’s letter was fake and had been written for him by lawyer Vadim Lyalin, who appeared to be shown holding up a pair of trainers worn by Shirokov during the incident while reportedly pledging to sell them for good causes following the verdict.

“We will look for auction organizers who want to do this,” he was priced quote as stating. “We desire to move the profits from the sale to kids from disadvantaged and clingy households for the brand-new year.

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“I think this is a good end…I hope the public will support us in this. These are the shoes that Roman was in [at the time].

“Considering that the claim quantity of 100 thousand rubles was [decided] by the court, we will begin [the price at] 100,000. If there are no quotes, I will purchase them myself and I will provide cash from our household to the kids.”

Shirokov was said to have repeatedly attempted to contact Danchenkov during the trial without success.

“Material payment does not intrigue me at all,” said the referee. “This refers honor. No matter how popular or abundant you are, you can refrain from doing what you desire.”

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