Gliding around the world in your own solar-powered airship… Keiser Report explores the future of air travel — NY Pilot Business News

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert invest Christmas Eve withAbe Cambridge of The Sun Exchange They talk about the solarpunk principles of a decentralized, peer-to-peer, anti-fragile energy grid.

The future of air travel does not always include existing airplane, Cambridge states.

“It could be in the form of a blimp that has hydroponic systems on board, so you could naturally grow your own food in the air while also cleaning the air,” he describes. “And you can live on it.”

“I don’t really see a reason why we should move from one continent to another in a matter of hours in discomfort and noise when you can take a couple of days to get from one country to another in silence with amazing views,” he states.

There might be bars and health clubs on board, and a web connection so you can inspect your bitcoin rate from the sky.

Cambridge states that’s a “real future that we want to see” instead of “chasing to get back into narrow dry environments.”

“And that’s what we can achieve by putting the value that we are creating in the world to technologies that we want to see,” he states.

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