iPhone 12 Mini drop test: Everything broke, but not the Ceramic Shield screen


Chris Parker/ CNET.

The iPhone 12 Mini is a hard phone to fracture. We’ve already drop tested the 6.1-inch iPhone 12, but we chose to do everything over once again with the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Mini to see if the smaller sized phone yielded various outcomes. Mainly, we wished to see if we might breakthe screen Spoiler: We didn’t, but we handled to break other things in the procedure. Covered in Apple’s new ceramic shield glass, the iPhone 12 Mini’s screen showed to be practically unbreakable in our drop test. It likewise appears to be even much better at managing duplicated drops than its larger-screened brother or sister.

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Even though it looks precisely the like routine glass to the naked eye, the ceramic shield on the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is no common glass. It’s glass that’s been instilled with ceramic crystals and, according to Apple, it’sthe toughest glass ever on a smartphone Because our screening approaches aren’t clinical, we can’t understand for sure whether that declaration holds true, but our experience with the iPhone 12 recommends it has the most difficult screen of any phone we have actually ever checked. The 6.1-inch screen on our iPhone 12 wound up practically untouched after falling on concrete 7 times at differing heights. The back of the phone, nevertheless, is made from the previous-generation glass and we handled to split it on the 2nd drop.

The iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Mini share the very same Corning- made glass and aluminum frame (the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max have stainless-steel), so we weren’t anticipating hugely various outcomes, but we wished to discover if the smaller sized and lighter phone would impact the results.

(*12 *) states that in basic, bigger gadgets might be susceptible to flexing more than smaller sized ones, and much heavier phones might see a greater energy at effect, but they do not always forecast the efficiency throughout a fall occasion as the style can likewise play a vital part.

Chris Parker, CNET senior video manufacturer, dropped a Product Red iPhone 12 Mini onto the pathway for our test.

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The iPhone 12 Mini is difficult to split.


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Drop 1: 3 feet, screen side down

This is approximately the range from your pocket to the ground and among the most typical heights from which you may drop your phone. If the ground is rough, like in the case of a walkway, this drop can be lethal for your phone screen.

The iPhone 12 Mini hit the flooring at a little an angle and bounced around prior to it settled, despite the fact that Chris dropped it screen- side down. After rubbing out some dust from the pathway, the screen looked great as brand-new. The metal frame, nevertheless, didn’t look as great. It had a big scrape on the leading right-hand man corner where it landed which rubbed off the red paint, exposing the metal on the bottom. The bottom part of the frame suffered the very same noticeable damage and likewise had a couple of little damages. The contrast in between the intense red of the phone and the aluminum made the damage to the frame more obvious than what we experienced on our mint greeniPhone 12 This was a pattern that we continued to see throughout our drop test.


The initially drop from hip-height dented the aluminum frame, but the screen was great.

Chris Parker/ CNET.

Drop 2: 3 feet, rear end down

Chris duplicated the very same drop, but this time with the back of the phone dealing with the ground. This was the drop that split the back of the iPhone 12 in our previous drop test, but the Mini fared much better.

The phone hit at a little an angle once again, but this time the side of the phone hit the ground initially, then rotated on the opposite side, which triggered it to bounce up in the air once again and after that come crashing down once again with the back dealing with down.

The damage to the aluminum frame was substantially even worse and the leading right corner of the phone on top of the electronic camera had damages. But the back of the phone (and the screen itself) still seemed in ideal condition.


The 2nd drop from hip-height dented the frame, but not the glass.

Chris Parker/ CNET.

Drop 3: 6 feet, 6 inches, screen side down

While it’s less most likely you’ll drop your phone from this height, it’s still within the world of possibility if you were taking an image (and even a selfie for taller individuals) from this height.

Again, the Mini landed screen side down, but it didn’t land entirely flat. The top of the phone struck initially, triggering it to fly once again and finish a 360-degree flip prior to landing screen side down on the pathway once again.

The screen endured yet once again, but the frame around it had more damages. One of the damages in the aluminum frame appeared to practically permeate the glass where the 2 fulfilled, and I fretted it would jeopardize the screen moving forward.


The damage to the frame practically appeared to rollover into the glass.

Chris Parker/ CNET.

Drop 4: 6 feet, 6 inches, rear end down

Next we reproduced the drop with the back of the phone dealing with down.

This time the back of the phone landed practically flat on the flooring, but the effect made it recover up and turn over, landing with the screen dealing with down rather.

The back glass was still undamaged, but both electronic camera lenses were harmed. The ultra-wide electronic camera had a noticeable fracture going through the side, while the frame and lens on the primary rear electronic camera below had a couple of small damages. The fracture was not noticeable through the viewfinder when we opened the electronic camera app, but might possibly trigger lens flares and might continue to break gradually.


The 4th drop from 2 meters broke the leading lens on the electronic camera module of the iPhone 12 Mini.

Chris Parker/ CNET.

Drop 5 and 6: 9 feet, screen side down

With both the front and back glass on the iPhone 12 Mini still undamaged, we chose to raise the stakes and take the phone to 9 feet. Chris needed to drop them from an action ladder, and getting them to fail as designated ended up being harder.

The initially drop was a wash due to the fact that the screen hardly reached the flooring. The phone arrived on the leading part of the metal frame and bounced around a bit, so we attempted it once again.

The 2nd time it did land with the screen dealing with the flooring, turned mid-air and lastly wound up screen side up. The metal frame appeared like a battle zone at this moment, but the screen was completely great.

The damage on the leading right-hand side of the frame continued to grow, but the ceramic shield screen had actually endured yet once again.

Drop 7: 9 feet, rear end down

We duplicated this drop with the back of the phone dealing with the flooring, but from that high of a drop it didn’t sit tight after the preliminary effect and did various turns in the air prior to landing with the back dealing with the flooring.

This drop lastly did some damage to the back of the phone. It had 3 hairline fractures beginning at the bottom best corner: 2 little ones and one longer one which extended up along the frame practically to the leading right-hand man corner.


Though we weren’t able to break the screen, the back of the iPhone 12 Mini lastly split after the seventh fall from 9 feet.

Chris Parker/ CNET.

Let’s simplify

Based on our drop tests of the iPhone 12 and now the iPhone 12 Mini, the ceramic shield is the greatest part of these phones.Both the lens and the back of the iPhone 12 Mini split in our drop tests, but the pathway was no match for the screen, covered in the ceramic shield, enduring successive falls from severe heights.

That stated, you might still wish to put a minimum of a slim case on the phone to safeguard the electronic camera and keep the frame appearing like brand-new. At least, that’s what Apple recommended when we shared the results.

“The iPhone 12 designs have actually gone through extensive real-world screening and are created to be long lasting, but not unbreakable. If anybody is worried about dropping their iPhone and harming it, we recommend utilizing among the numerous gorgeous cases readily available to safeguard the iPhone.”


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