Manhunt underway for thieves who stole 6.5mn euros from German customs office — NY Pilot World News

German investigators have announced they are looking for three men who carried out a “professionally planned” robbery of a Germans customs office, walking away with 6.5 million euros, equivalent to about $7.6 million.

According to a police statement released on Wednesday, the robbers used a “core drill” to get from an adjoining room into the basement of the customs office in the city of Duisburg. 

They then stole the funds from a vault and loaded them into a white van. According to a witness, one suspect was walking around the building and left in a separate car, but he drove in the same direction as the van carrying the other two perpetrators. All of the men were reportedly wearing dark clothes and knitted hats. 

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“According to the findings of the ‘Kern investigation commission’ at the Krefeld police headquarters, the break-in was professionally planned and carried out,” Bild reported, citing police.

The robbery took place in the early hours of November 1. A reward of 100,000 euros is being offered for any information leading to the arrest of the thieves or the recovery of the stolen money. 

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