Marvel Realm of Champions gets launch date, arena deathmatch gameplay reveal

Marvel Realm of Champions, a real-time RPG that lets you create your own Marvel characters and have them join alliances, will be launching on Dec. 16 on mobile platforms.

The release date was announced Monday by developer Kabam, which previously made the Marvel fighting game Contest of Champions. Kabam also provided CNET with a first look at the arena gameplay mode in the above YouTube video, which will let players battle in 2 v. 2 v. 2 matches.

Realm will tell an original story loosely based on the Secret Wars comic, pitting characters with looks and powers inspired by those of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Hulk and the Spider-verse onto a Battleworld in both Player vs. Environment and Player vs. Player battles. 

Players can also align their character with one of several houses based on Marvel heroes, such as House of Iron based on Iron Man and Spider-Guild based on Spider-Man.

Pre-registration for the iOS and Android game is also now open, and will provide players with gear, units and gold to use for the game’s launch.

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