Network provides election distraction with clip of correspondent cursing live on air — NY Pilot USA News

MSNBC became a trending topic of conversation on social media – not for any bombshell report, but rather from a correspondent getting caught cursing on camera.

Asked by host Craig Melvin about how the Trump administration is handling transition duties, reporter Ken Dilanian simply looked down at his phone and said, “Oh, s**t. F**k.” 

After a few quiet moments, Melvin responded: “Ok, seems we lost Ken Dilanian.”

The clip quickly spread across social media, with many turning it into a meme while others questioned what exactly Dilanian could have seen on his phone to upset him so much.

“We need a livestream of @KenDilanianNBC’s phone. What did he see? WHAT DID HE SEE? (Horror film music sting),” comedian Kathy Griffin tweeted

“Really the most important and honest reporting MSNBC has ever done,” conservative reporter Matt Walsh wrote

Dilanian eventually posted on Twitter himself to apologize for the incident and explain that technical difficulties led to the moment of audible frustration.

“So sorry for the profanity I used on air last hour. I was experiencing some technical difficulties and mistakenly hung up on the control room, though my mic still was on,” he wrote.

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