Russian FM Lavrov blasts West for ‘attempts to interfere’ in Belarus & warns of ‘dirty methods’ related to ‘color revolutions’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov states Western nations are accountable for arranging riots in Belarus and offering financial backing to opposition activists, while at the same time positioning demands on both Minsk andMoscow

Speaking throughout a go to to the Belarusian capital, on Thursday, the veteran diplomat implicated the West of playing “a game without rules.”

“Russia and Belarus are under pressure to change our line and limit the development of our countries,” Lavrov firmly insisted, calling out Western federal governments for utilizing the “dirty methods of so-called color revolutions.” The minister included that claims of foreign disturbance in Belarus are backed by “facts.”

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However, in spite of the complex political scenario, Moscow hopes that life will quickly return to regular in Minsk, “one of the most peaceful cities in the former Soviet Union.”

“Of course, we are concerned about the current situation in Belarus, and we hope that it will soon finally normalize,” he stated. “We condemn attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of Belarus and attempts from the outside to incite confrontational activity.”

According to Lavrov, the United States is continuing to selfishly promote their interests in the global arena, in an effort to maintain hegemony and enforce the principle of a “rules-based” world order, as opposed to one based upon global law. However, Lavrov thinks Minsk is able to handle its own issues “without obsessive offers of uninvited mediation.”

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“Belarus is our ally, a strategic partner. Belarusians are our brotherly people. And we, of course, are interested in the situation in the Republic of Belarus being calm and stable,” Lavrov stated.

The Foreign Ministry likewise turned down claims by Pavel Latushko, a popular Belarusian activist, that the nation’s opposition had actually reachedMoscow Lavrov called the declaration “a complete lie,” branding him as somebody “who seeks to build a shady career on a foreign payroll.”

The political landscape in Belarus has actually been unpredictable considering that August 9, when incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko won the nation’s governmental election. According to main outcomes, which are commonly thought to have actually been rigged, 80.1% of citizens voted for the veteran leader, with simply 10.12% ballot for leading opposition prospect,Svetlana Tikhanovskaya After the closure of ballot stations, presentations started versus the supposed falsification of results. In the months considering that, there have actually been routine demonstrations, with demonstrators requiring that the president resign.

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