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Robot vacuums are the perfect 21st-century gadget — I love not having to vacuum the floor by hand, or at least only needing to vacuum once in a great while. A while back, I tested a robot mop, but I hated it. Who has room for two competing floor bots? The Roborock S5 Max solves that problem by combining the two: It’s a hybrid vacuum and mop, and usually sells for $549. But right now, and while supplies last, you can get the Roborock S5 Max for $439 shipped — free shipping and no sales tax (unless you’re in New York).

I’ve been testing the Roborock S5 Max for a while now, and I would characterize it as the best robot vacuum I’ve ever invited into my home. The robot itself is less likely to get hung up, trapped, stuck or cornered than most other robots I’ve tried. For example, a competing robot I’ve been testing manages to get wedged under the fridge door on a routine basis, and is obsessed with cleaning a floor lamp to the extent that it gets stuck on the base over and over again. The S5 Max, though? Almost supernaturally good at avoiding those kinds of traps.

In addition, the S5 Max lets you mark up the map of your home in the mobile app. I’ve divided my place into individual rooms, so I can summon the robot to a specific spot for cleanup. It also allows no-go zones, so I’ve set a berth around certain obstacles, like a plush bathmat that has proven to be too much for any robot to traverse. And you can set up no-mop zones to keep rugs and carpets dry.

Speaking of the mop, it’s a simple snap-on/snap-off water tank with mopping pad. When the tank is attached, the robot mops. When it’s removed, the robot vacuums. It’s that simple.

CNET hasn’t yet reviewed the Roborock S5 Max so there’s no official rating, but I can assure you based on my personal experience that it’s impressive. If only it also emptied itself, it would be my favorite thing ever. Priced right now at $439, I’d say this is a great value. 

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