The Cheapskate Show podcast: Cheap smartwatches that are just as good as expensive ones

Amazfit Bip S

This is the Amazfit Bip S, just one of the smartwatches we name-checked in this episode. Tune in to find out why.

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Hey, you with the wrist. Wouldn’t you like to strap on something that could count your steps, track your runs, remind you of meetings, notify you of incoming text messages and, oh yeah, tell time?

Sounds like you’re in the market for a fitness tracker. Or smartwatch. What’s the difference? That’s just one of the questions we’re tackling in this week’s episode. But here’s the big one: Do you really need to spend $200, $300 or even more to get a decent wearable? (Spoiler alert: You do not.)

Don’t take our word for it: Take it from our guest, CNET wrist expert Lexy Savvides. Before you buy a fitness band, smartwatch or whatever you want to call it, make sure you hear what she has to say.

You can listen to the new episode (and past ones) right here:  

Looking for all the links and other info we referenced in the show? You can find them in the show notes, which are available in the embedded player (above). Just click Description.

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