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The Government had promised to vote for the president of the IDB on the date that is now questioning

The candidate of the United States to preside over the Inter-American Development Bank, Mauricio Claver-Carone, accused Argentina on Tuesday of leading a “minority” of countries that “tries to kidnap”, with a “hindering tactic” the next elections in the agency, stipulated for September.

Claver-Carone spoke at a press conference from Washington to journalists from all over the region, to whom he said he had the vote of 17 countries assured – a majority sufficient to win – but he pointed against this group as that “minority” to which he equated ” with stealing the balcony before the end of the game. ”

He was referring to the move that the government of Alberto Fernández is carrying out to postpone the election of Luis Alberto Moreno’s successor in the body for next year, betting on a risky move that the democrat Joseph Biden wins and withdraws Claver’s candidacy -Carone so that his secretary of Strategic Affairs has a chance of winning the IDB. Alberto F. has the endorsement of the European Union -which is not binding, of Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica.

But at the same conference on Tuesday, a Claver-Carone, determined to fight, spoke of an official commitment endorsed by Argentina and the rest of the countries – which went unnoticed – and for which he would have committed to the members of the IDB to vote virtually on September 12 and 13, something that he now questions. It happens that the argument of Argentina and its unexpected allies affirm that the election should be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and they also question that it is the first time that the United States has played the presidency of the bank, when in 60 years a Latin American did.

Clarin obtained, exclusively, details of the Argentine commitment, which further strains relations with the government of Donald Trump. This dates from a collective resolution of July 9, which this newspaper learned was endorsed by the Argentine representative to the IDB, Guillermo Francos.

The resolution begins by saying that the executive board resolved to hold the sixty-first annual meeting of the assembly of governors and the Inter-American Development Bank and the thirty-fifth annual meeting of the assembly of governors of the Assembly of the Investor Corporation in Barranquilla, Colombia, September 9-14, 2020, with an agenda that includes the election of the Bank’s president.

It says “that the executive board noted that extraordinary public health circumstances remain around the global response to COVID-19.” Also “that the regulations for the election of the president of the Bank stipulate that the election will be organized and held on the date decided by the executive board, so that the first voting session is held within a period of between 46 and 60 days, calendar after the date of notification from the Bank secretary, of the expiration date of the president’s contract. ”

He speaks of a series of procedures and then concludes, with the endorsement of all parties, and even Argentina, first, that “the sixty-first annual meeting of the Bank’s Board of Governors and the thirty-fifth annual meeting of the Board of Governors of The Corporation is not held in Barranquilla, Colombia, from September 9 to 14, 2020. And second, “that the election of the Bank’s president takes place from September 12 to 13, 2020 in an extraordinary meeting of governors that will be held on an electronic software platform, from the Bank’s headquarters in Washington, DC. ”

Even so, yesterday afternoon the Government justified the change. They indicated that the circumstances “had changed”, and that they are accompanied in the same objective “by several countries”. The national administration is also playing that all the countries that oppose Claver-Carone abort the election by not giving the United States a quorum, a country that is central in the negotiations that Argentina must now face with the IMF.

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