You can buy a special Black Friday Nintendo Switch bundle on Nov. 22



If this were the 1980s all over again, instead of Cabbage Patch dolls there would probably be riots on Black Friday in line at Best Buy (or Media Play, Circuit City or other big stores that existed back then) for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has struggled hard to maintain inventory through 2020, but the console has been sold out for months at a time. But as we head into Black Friday 2020, there’s a ray of sunshine for Switch fans: a Nintendo Switch bundle that includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a three-month Switch Online Membership, all for the regular price of $300.

This is an especially sweet sale, because Switch deals have been virtually nonexistent through 2020, and this bundle gives you $68 in freebies: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a $60 value, plus $8 of Switch Online, which lets you play online with friends and family. So even if you’re brand-new to the Switch, you can jump into a Kart race right out of the box. 

In principle, you won’t have to wait until Black Friday for the bundle, because it’s debuting at a half-dozen retailers on Sunday, Nov. 22. Of course, keep your expectations in check. With all the trouble Nintendo has had maintaining inventory all year, we expect this to sell out quickly. It will probably be a challenge to snag a Nintendo Switch Black Friday bundle.

The bundle will be available at five retailers: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and GameStop. Currently, only Best Buy has set up a product page for the Black Friday bundle, which you can find below. You might want to bookmark this page, becuase we’ll be adding the other retailers as their pages come online. 

And if you’re in a hurry for a regular Nintendo Switch, keep scrolling. We’ve got a list of all the major retailers where you can try to snag a console. In many cases these consoles are popping in and out of stock like soap bubbles bursting in the bath. We’ll continue to update this story as inventory changes. 

Nintendo Switch Black Friday Bundle

These bundles will be available for sale starting Nov. 22. 

Best Buy

Nintendo Switch consoles (not the Black Friday bundle)


There are currently no Nintendo Switch consoles available for online purchase at the regular price of $300 at Amazon.

Best Buy

There are currently no Nintendo Switch consoles available for online purchase at the regular price of $300 at Best Buy.  


Out of Stock

What’s a good price for the Switch?

Unsurprisingly, there’s no “deal” to be had at the stores above; the price is set at or near $299.99, which is the regular MSRP. Indeed, it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen any kind of real Switch discount. (The 2019 holidays, to be specific.)

That said, with bundles and used consoles selling for $400 or more, paying “only” the suggested retail price is a win on this product.

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This post is updated regularly as inventory changes occur.

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